This video for Sim-patia is aimed at raising awareness about their cause to help promote volunteering and fundraising. For a non-profit organisation, this type of video represents the “fishing rod not the fish itself.” We opted for Motion graphics because it allows us to approach delicate themes with a more poetic visual language: Suggesting not showing. In our opinion, part of the mission of a non-profit organisation is also to invest into its communication strategy and deliver the message with professionalism but also with care and passion, and sometimes… courage. Making this video has been a truly gratifying and emotional experience which has made us extremely proud.
These next two videos are an example of how different clips to share on social media can be drawn from an initial video.


Producer:Rossana Giacomelli
Director:Carlos Gómez-Mira
Script:Rossana Giacommeli
Art Director Paula Checa
Animation:Jose Guimaray & Carlos Gómez-Mira
IllustrationPaula Checa
3DBorja Gómez Orellana
RotoscopyBorja Gómez Orellana, Nicolas Pérez-Enciso, Paula Checa, Carlos Gómez-Mira, Eduardo Bomant
Sound:Thinkwild Studios

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