We were lucky enough to be part of the team that traveled to Moscow this last June and helped the triple candidature USA-CANADA-MEXICO win the bid to host the World Cup in 2026. The most popular sporting event of the world that brings together billions of fans across the planet. We designed the presentation of the final bid, playing with the colors of the different cultures of North America. Choosing carefully photographs that could illustrate the passion that each of this different countries in their own ways and beyond their differences feel for this sport .

We combined text, shapes, bullet points and graphics to make the information visual and to get the message through. We used animation combined with 3D modeling and integrated the brand smoothly and with consistency in each slide.

Passion and taste for a good cause!!!


CLIENT: United 2026
PRODUCER: Rossana Giacomelli
ART DIRECTION: Carlos Gómez-Mira
DESIGNERS: Paula Checa & Nicolas Pérez-Enciso
ANIMATORS: Nicolas Pérez-Enciso, Jose Guimaray
3D MODEL: Borja Orellana, Carlos Gómez-Mira