TW Originals

Short Animated Film (2018)


Fly is the story of a bird that has a stunted wing that enables it from migrating. Abandoned by his flock, he sinks in despair. Everything changes the day that Pio-Pío appears. This helpless chick gives him back the will to live. Until one day fate leads our protagonist to do things that he wouldn’t do not even for himself, such as fly. A sweet story without being sappy, funny without being shallow, and deep without being demanding.

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180 Festival Selections                  Nominated to the Goya Awards                  40 Awards won at Festivals

Short Animated Film to be released (2024)

Carmen & The Wooden Spoon

Carmen and the Wooden Spoon tells the story of a 7-year-old girl, raised by her Italian Nonna (grandmother),whose greatest gift to Carmen is a magic spoon which, thanks to a centu-ries-old spell, when savoring new dishes makes her travel in t to the memories of her grandmother’s life. Both the prequel and the sequel to a future series, that will teach Carmen life is an exciting journey that can only be fully enjoyed if we open our hearts and minds.

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