This video for Sim-patia is aimed at raising awareness about their cause to help promote volunteering and fundraising. For a non-profit organisation, this type of video represents the “fishing rod not the fish itself.” We opted for Motion graphics because it allows us to approach delicate themes with a more poetic visual language: Suggesting not showing. In our opinion, part of the mission of a non-profit organisation is also to invest into its communication strategy and deliver the message with professionalism but also with care and passion, and sometimes… courage. Making this video has been a truly gratifying and emotional experience which has made us extremely proud.


Client: Sim-patia
Producer: Rossana Giacomelli
Director: Carlos Gómez-Mira
Script: Rossana Giacommeli
Art Director: Paula Checa
Animation: Jose Guimaray & Carlos Gómez-Mira
Illustration: Paula Checa
3D: Borja Gómez Orellana
Rotoscopy: Borja Gómez Orellana, Nicolas Pérez-Enciso, Paula Checa, Carlos Gómez-Mira, Eduardo Bomant
Sound: Thinkwild Studios