Working in the Global sports Events field has always been a vocation for Thinkwild, and in this occasion we were requested by the World Karate Federation to develop the presentation of the campaign Karate For Life. We were also asked to produce two compelling videos and to fly to LA to provide streaming services to deliver the final presentation live. As in many other projects our mentor and 5 Olympic bids partner Terrence Burns, was part of the team. It was a great experience and a real pleasure working with the World Karate Federation.


Client: WKF World Karate Federation
Director: Carlos Gómez-Mira Sagrado
Producer: Rossana Giacomelli
Art Directors: Laura Fernandez, Mónica Masedo
Streaming: Corporate Streams
Editor: José Guimaray, Laura Fernández
3D Animation: Carlos Gomez Mira, Laura Fermández
Graphic Design: Laura Fernández, Mónica Masedo
Script: Terrence Burns