We all sense that fire prevention is something important for the safety of our family. Knowing how to avoid risks and act properly when the fire has been unleashed can save lives, save our belongings and memories, and the home where we live. But do we know exactly how we should act if one is triggered? Thanks to this slow pace motiongraphics video colored with warm tones that leaves room for reflection, we believe that many more people will know from now on. Dedicated to the courage and generous effort of the Fire Department of the Comunidad de Madrid with the greatest respect for the important role they play in our society.


Client:Bomberos de la Comunidad de Madrid
Executive Producer:Rossana Giacomelli
Directores by:Carlos Gómez-Mira
Art Director:Paula Checa
Storyboard & Concept Dev: Carlos Gómez-Mira & Paula Checa
3D Modelling & Animation:Jose Guimaray
2D Reference Animation:: Jose Guimaray, Borja Gómez, Carlos Gómez-Mira
IllustrationPaula Checa & Nicolas Pérez-Enciso
Editing: Carlos Gómez-Mira
VO Talent:Lucía Pérez (Audio Contact International SL)
Sound Design: Carlos Gómez-Mira

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