Thinkwild has produced two beautiful videos for the 50th Anniversary of Seresco, a Spanish company dedicated to the development of software. One of this videos, looks into the past and recreates the courage and vision of the founders and the other looks into the future encouraging employees to continue advancing and innovating without forgetting their legacy and their values, and encouraging customers to continue being part of the great family of Seresco, a solid and committed company focused on their needs. Two tailored made videos that do not leave indifferent and mix shooting and motion graphics, managing to thrill the audience showing the milestones of this great company with humbleness. A real challenge for Thinkwild that has had to travel in time to shape this beautiful story worth telling.


Client: Seresco
Producer: Rossana Giacomelli
Director: Jose Guimaray
Script: Rossana Giacommeli
Art Director: Nicolas Pérez-Enciso
Animation: Jose Guimaray & Carlos Gómez Mira
Illustration: Nicolas Pérez-Enciso & Paula Checa
3D: Jose Guimaray, Borja Gómez Borellana & Carlos Gómez Mira
Sound: Thinkwild Studios